Buying Wine Online

buying wine online

Buying Wine Online

By Mark Adams

Mark is a professional winemaker, former winery owner, author and frequent speaker on wine.  He currently teaches wine classes throughout the United States.

Buying wine online is a really fun and convenient way to purchase your wine.  A few clicks with your mouse and wine magically shows up at your door.  Don’t know how life can get much better than that!

Before we make some doorstep magic, let’s go over a few simple things that can make your purchase go as smoothly as that great cabernet you just bought.

Can wine be shipped to my state?

If you’re unsure how this works you’re not alone.  This question befuddles even the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Here’s a quick overview.  Each state determines it’s own wine shipping laws.  So some states can receive wine shipments and some can’t.  At the time I’m writing this, about 40 states allow wine shipments from other states.

Each company’s website should have a section that lists the states they ship.

Some states allow wine shipped from wineries only in their state.  To further complicate the process, wineries also have to have a separate permit to ship to each state.

Can you order wine as a gift and send it to someone else in another state?  The answer is yes!  As long as the receiver is 21 and in a state that allows wine shipments.

In this case, I always suggest that you inform the recipient so they can make arrangements to sign for the wine.   See shipping details below for more information.

All of these issues can make buying wine online problematic. The best solution is to order from wine companies that at set up to sell online only.

One company that I like is My Wines Direct.  They have been around for years and have an excellent reputation.  There prices are really good and they offer free shipping on all wine and wine gifts at,

Everyday Free Shipping!  No code necessary.

Shipping Details

One of the first things many people think about receiving shipping wine is something like “How do they know I’m 21” or what keeps my underage kids from ordering and receiving wine?  Good question.

Wine can’t be delivered using the post office so it will be delivered through someone like UPS or Fedex.  You or someone over 21 will have to show their ID and sign for the package.  They will not leave the package at your door unattended.

Many people who won’t be home during the delivery time solve this problem by having their wine shipped to an at home neighbor or delivered to their work.


One of the best things about buying wine online is the cost savings.  More times than not, you will see a 10-20% discount compared to buying at your local wine shop.

One tip is to consider buying at least a case.  Many times you will receive free shipping at this quantity.

This is important because shipping wine can be pretty expensive.  Realize that wine is heavy and the delivery company is charging an additional fee for the above mentioned signature.

But don’t fear, some companies bite the bullet for you and pay the shipping for you.  My Wines Direct leads the pack here and offers free shipping.

Buying Wine Online

I hope this helps.  Buying wine online is really pretty easy.  Now that you know what to expect, its time to place that wine order!

Good luck and enjoy your wine!

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