Health Benefits of Wine

health benefits of red wineHealth Benefits of Wine

By Mark Adams

Mark is a professional winemaker, former winery owner, author and frequent speaker on wine.  He currently teaches wine classes throughout the United States

I was in France recently drinking wine and for some reason, thinking about my health.  I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the health benefits of wine and include a French twist.

The health benefits of red wine are a very popular topic now.  It all stated with something called the “French Paradox” Many of you know my thoughts on the French, so you can insert your own joke here…

But the French Paradox is that the French typically eat lots of thick creamy sauces and foods high in cholesterol, but live longer, weigh less and are usually healthier than most other people.  That’s the paradox.

Researchers have finally determined that since their diet is usually accompanied by red wines, there must be something in the wine that is good for you.  OK, besides the alcohol…

What they found is a large number of anti-oxidants and something called Resveratrol.  It’s a naturally occurring chemical that can aid in:


*cancer prevention

*helping to control obesity

*helping to control type 2 diabetes

*and preventing heart disease.

Since this substance is mostly in the skins and as we know the skins are what give red wine its color this works best with red wines.

A glass or two every day will help keep the doctor away.  What the heck, try an apple a day, too.  It can’t hurt.

Who’d a thunk it.  The French actually doing something productive….

So while were having our think sauces and red wine, let’s do our French friends a favor and thank them for the health benefits of wine!

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To your health!