How to Hold a Wine Glass

how to hold a wine glassHow to hold a wine glass

By Mark Adams

Mark is a professional winemaker, former winery owner, author and frequent speaker on wine.  He currently teaches wine classes throughout the United States.

I’ll get to how to hold a wine glass in a moment.  So please indulge me for a moment

For those of us of a certain age and gender, it’s easy to remember having GI Joes as a kid. And no, they’re not dolls, BUT ACTION FIGURES!

I was lucky. I had several different versions. I had the one with the Jeep. I even had the scuba diver, but my favorite was the one with the Ku Fu Grip.

You squeezed his back and his arm would move with the strength and speed to crush any other action figure wannabe in a mere blink of an eye. I always thought that if he wanted to take on Barbie’s Ken, all it would of taken would have been one swift karate chop and Barbie would have had a new boyfriend.

Why the heck am I talking about GI Joe you ask?

Well, my non wine snobs in training, let me tell you why. I was at a party recently…I seem to go to a lot of parties…. Hummm, it’s good to be me. When this guy, the wine tool of the week…was blabbering on about some useless thing when while holding his wine glass by the top and he actually crushed the glass…

OK, he didn’t mean to, but he still did, none the less. And, BTW, when a glass of wine spills or breaks, why is it always red wine?

I tell you this story because its OK to Kung Fu Grip a Ken doll, but its never OK to Kung Fu Grip a wine glass.

Let me show you how easy it is to hold a glass the right way. The best way to hold the glass is very simple. Grab the stem and try and keep you hand off the bowl of the glass.

The reason wine glasses have stems is because temperature is very important to the taste. Our hand is the magic 98.6 degrees and if you hold the glass by the bowl, it will warm very quickly. Not to mention you can crush the glass…

Now you see some people hold a wine glass by gripping the stand.  Ladies, I guess this is OK for you, but if you’re a guy and you hold a your wine glass like this, you are violating your man contract and you are subject to having your man card revoked.

If I see any of you doing this at my next party, I will personally make fun of you here on the blog!. So be warned!

All kidding aside, you now know how to hold a wine glass. Whew-hoo!

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