Types of Wine Glasses

types of wine glasses

Types of Wine Glasses

By Mark Adams

Mark is a professional winemaker, former winery owner, author and frequent speaker on wine.  He currently teaches wine classes throughout the United States.

There are many types of wine glasses.  Do you use the same glass to serve both red and white wine and how are champagne glasses different?  This is an excellent question and one that causes a lot of confusion with wine drinkers.

Wine glasses have evolved to an extreme over the years. Remember years ago with you had one small glass that was used for everything. Now if you go out to a restaurant, red wine glasses seem to be so big that you would think they could hold the whole bottle.

There is a school of thought that the shape of the glass make a big difference to how the aromas are sent up to your nose. Red wines have more aromas and if the glass is big enough to get your snooze down in the glass, you will get more aroma, and then more flavor.

I agree with that to a small degree, but remember glass companies are trying to sell glasses, to.

On more that one occasion, I’ve had wine from a plastic cup and don’t think I suffered any ill consequences. The wine police didn’t even try and write me a ticket. I’m sure they wanted to, though.

I’ll try and sum it up like this.

The last time I was in Italy, I noticed that most of the wine glasses are what we would call water glasses. I asked a winemaker friend why this was. He looked at me with a I can’t believe you would ask me look and said: Marko, ita isa nota about a da glass, ita isa about a da vino. Now you gotta get the hand gestures right if you’re going to imitate Italian.

Champagne glasses are called flutes because of their long narrow shape. These glasses are shaped like this because it makes more bubbles flow to the top of the glass and it just looks nicer.

Here’s what you do about glasses. I’m presuming you want to forgo the plastic cup method so get a set of regular sized glasses to serve your white and then get a bigger set to serve your reds. A set of champagne flutes would round off your collection.

So don’t worry about types of wine glasses.  It’s the wine that’s important.

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