Wine Education – Which wine class is best for you

wine education

Wine Education

By:  Mark Adams

Mark is the founder of amber crest winery, a professional winemaker, an author and frequent speaker on wine.  He teaches wine classes throughout the United States.

He is the author of The Really Fun Wine Book

Congratulations on choosing  a little wine education as you learn about wine.

Many people want to learn about and enjoy wine but never take action.

Learning about wine can be very easy or very hard.  To be successful, I think you need to define your expectations. Many people ask me what do I need to learn, what type of wine education do I need?

Ask yourself do you want to go to the extreme of learning how to make wine or be employed in the wine industry?  If so, take a look at more traditional wine schools.

Most major cities will have some sort of community college program or in some cases a private for profit business that teaches this type of information.

These classes can be over a several week period and can cost thousands of dollars.

But for most people who simple want to learn more about wine or not feel left out when their spouse or friends are drinking wine, there are many, many options for you.

Wine shops and wine bars seem to be everywhere lately.  Many of them offer periodic courses geared to many different topics.  Look in your local paper or on the web for offerings or simply contact your local wine bar and see if they offer any type of classes.

Prices can range from about $30 to $95 and up depending on the class and venue.

A more simple option is to read a wine book in the comfort of your own home.

This option has many advantages.  Excellent wine books can be found under $20.  You can read at your convenience and pace.

wine educationFor many years, my students asked me to put my classes into a book.  I accommodated them by creating the Really Fun Wine eBook.

It covers information from four of my classes in an easy to read and understand book. Click here to check it out.

The next option is to consider taking an online video wine course.  The technology is now available to watch video tutorials on your own computer at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, as many times as you like.

Because the class can be recorded and shown over and over, often these types of classes will not only be less expensive, but can cover more information, also.

Classes like these can range from about $50 to $199

If you prefer video over reading, I made a video course out of my book.  It’s called the Really Fun Wine Video Course. In also includes my book and contains 45 fun and informative videos that combine 4 of my most popular classes.  To check it out, click here at wine classes.

Regardless of which option you choose, you should expect to leave the course knowledgeable in wine word pronunciation, an comprehension of wine varieties, how to taste wine, how to pair wine and food, and how to buy wine.

Please remember in all wine classes, the goal is to learn enough about wine so you don’t feel left out or like you’re the only one in the room who doesn’t know anything about wine.

Once you go through these classes you will no doubt enjoy your wine even more.

Here’s one thing to look out for.  Be suspect of teachers who are wine snobs. This is a personal pet peeve, but in the 21st century, I don’t see any reason for anybody who “knows wine” to look down on anyone else who doesn’t. If you can’t tell, I’m not in love with wine snobs.

Well, I hope that helps get you going on the journey of wine.  Remember a little wine education is a good thing!